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My TIC Page (Things I Created)

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Breaks Down Small Enough To Fly In A Light Plane.  Nothing Like A Tight Joint! I Built It... Only Wish It Were Mine... Yes, the saw runs... and rotates 360 degrees around my middle !  Well... Ya gotta have a raft trailer too!
Raft Frames Quality Fabrication RAF2000 Autogyro Me...Chainsaw Man! Have Raft?... Build Trailer  
Buy the tubes and build your own frame.  Cooks 45 Hamburgers At One Time! Custom Kitchen By Me.   Pedal Your Way To A Fortune !   Glass door panels are so mundane.
Small Frames Too My Mondo BBQ Range Hood Completed Shaker Table Bike Blued Steel Door Inserts
See the Depth in the Scenery  Tail-Gate IS the Ramp  Guess where i got the inspiration for this one?   Thank You... Used To Be Shiny! Well... It Has Some Metal Parts... 
Metal Wall Mural Total Trailer Rebuild When Ya Gotta Go... New Metal - Acid Etched Another Hobby Of Mine
Whimsical Things Are Fun Too!  Was Twisted - Bent - Broken  Go Ahead and  Back That Trailer Into The Wall !   No, I Don't Have An Engineering Degree... So I Can Thread A Nut Onto a Bolt ! Everyone Loves A BBQ ! 
Royal Candle Holder Total Rebuild Tail Light Protection Mechanical Engineering My 2009 BBQ Project
The One-Man Game Hauler... Low Center Of Gravity  Easily Holds 300+ Pounds... Breaks Down in 1 Minute  Hauls Quarters Just As Well   RMEF Gun Case & Gun Sold For $20k ! RMEF Knife Case 
Game Hauler Game Hauler Optional Cargo Net Walnut Gun Case Velvet LinedKnife Case


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