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Two Arrows Through The Lungs Decoy Hunting 627yds... Dropped In His Tracks Big Moose Shed
My 2013 Cow Elk 2013 Archery Antelope 627yd 2013 Buck Harley 2012 What A Find !
428 Yard Heart Shot Shot at 6000 ft... Two Nice NW Montana Bucks. I Love My Gun... Of Course He's Smiling!
My 2012 Mulie Brad's 4X5 2013 Buck Joey and Brad 2010 284 yd Head Shot Joey's 2010 Buck
Hunts Close To Home... First Big Game Animal Of The Season. 4 Antelope In 2 Days For Brad & I My Hand Painted Cardboard Antelope Decoy With Wood Frame & Spikes Last Day Blizzard Buck
Brad's 2010 Whitetail Brad's 2010 Antelope My 2010 Antelope Buck My Cardboard Decoy My 2010 Buck
Not Bad for His First Elk!... Downed Him From 540 Yards  Shot This 4X5 From 570 Yards! Always Cool Under Pressure. Shot The Same Day He Shot His Bull Elk  Of Course He Used MY Shotgun !
Brad's 2009 5X5 Bull My 09 Last Day Buck Kalebs 4X5 2009 Buck Brad's 2009 Buck Brad's 2009 Turkey 
East Side 4X5  And Another Nice Buck For Brad ! Shot at 380 Yards ! First Antelope With a Bow!  500 Pound Capacity
My 2007 Mulie Brad's 2007 Bow Kill Kalebs First Buck 2007 Brad's 2009 Bow Kill Using The Game Hauler  
Smiles  This Was Shot 300 Yards From My Truck While I was Out Hiking... Road Hunters ! My Small East Side 5X5... Whatever!   All in a days Hunting   Who Really Did Shoot This One At 425 Yards ?
My 2005 Bull (5 x 5) Next To My Truck Bruce 2004 Brad & 3 Bucks  BC/BC Buck 2002 
Kids... they got no respect for Big Bucks  Another Good Buck  100 Yards... Dropped In His Tracks   He Always Gets A Buck I have this really awsome long range rifle that will shoot out to 800yds... so I could shoot this one under 100yds! 
 Brad 2003 Brad 2005 Brad's First Buck  Brad 2004  My 2003 Mulie
  That makes 101...102...103...???  The Meat Hunter Biggest Antelope In The Family Not bad for a weekend!
Brad & Dad's Buck  Grandpa C. 2003  Grandpa C. 2004  Brad's 15-1/2" Trophy 2001 Rifle Season 
 Even The Deer Couldn't Stop Laughing Antlerless Tag Filled Patience Paid Off! My September Bow Kill For 2005. Not Bad For A Kid ! 
Crackin Up  Brad 2002 Bob's 2006 Whitetail Lotta Bull Brad 2003
 Every Hunter Loves Huntin' Camp  Driving Tacks At 400 Yards  The Suzuki 7 Miles Back  Nice Mass  Getting Into The Back Country
Bow Camp   The Sendero At Work   Getting Off Road   Doug Bags A Big One   Up A Creek  
 Not Bad For An Old Guy  Dead On Arrival... Of My Bullet !  Hardly Ever Shoots Anything Without Horns How to Drag a Buck Wild Game
My 2005 14-3/4" Buck My 2007 Buck A Little Tender Venison Jet Pack Hunter Wild Game
I Love my game camera! Bulls... Bulls...Bulls ! More Bulls... And More Bulls... What A Beast!
Game Camera 2007 Game Camera 2007 Game Camera 2007 Game Camera 2007 Game Camera 2007
He charged in to 25 yds... what a thrill ! I Own The Right Side Only... Another Horn-Hunter Owns The Left! Shooter or No-Shooter? Cows... Cows... Cows... Big Enough For Me!
First Bow-Kill Antelope 2008 Whitetail Sheds Game Camera 2008 Game Camera 2008 Game Camera 2008
Medium Sized Bull Looking for Antelope & Found 19 Bull Elk in One Herd! Bullwinlke The Bear That Tore Up My Hunting Blind! It's Almost Like a Dream...
Game Camera 2008 2008 Antelope Hunt Game Camera 2008 Game Camera 2008 Jeff's 340 Bull - 2008
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Custom raft frame by me. She's a Water-Dog He Has His Own Style Big Mouth! Trains & Trout go well together in this photo.
The New Raft Shy Loves Fishing Duane Getting Wet My 2007 Paddlefish Near West Glacier
Is that any way to hold on to a fish? This guide only charges a smile! Interesting Creatures These Fish He can't stand fishing in Montana either. The Shadow Knows... Fishing!
Montana Girls The Guide Shy Fishing With Bill Rob Hauls In Another The Shadow Knows
This young man can fish! GQ Not bad for a flatlander. Hey... Who tilted the ground? The most beautiful place in Montana.
Kaleb The Trout Slayer The Perch Master Mathews Bull Trout Mathew In Montana Glacier National Park
First day on the Middle Fork! A rainbow of color in a Western Montana Brook Trout Let's see if these Floridians know how to fish! Best Day For Brookies Ever! BRRRRRRRRR!
Heppa Fishing Beautiful Brookie Early Morning Start Big Hole Brookies Eastern Montana In Dec.
Brads 70 Pounder Only 35 Pounds Grandpa On The Yellowstone Grunt ! 
Brad's 2004 Paddlefish A Small Paddlefish Paddlefish On  Heavy Lifting   My 2009 Paddlefish
Where Is The Fishing Pole? Friends Love Fishing Trolling With a 4-Wheeler ??? Coming Soon Coming Soon
Deer Fishing ? A Day With Allen ATV Fishing Flathead Bull Trout Rat Lake Ice Fishing

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