Friends and Family

 Rest In Peace Mom...    No Place He Would Rather Be The Most Beautiful Girl In The World & Deda   Just Call Me Gene
Momma C.  Brad / Meagan 2001  Family Laughter   Meagan & Dad 2011  Camo KISS  
 Spring Rafting Fun... Water Temp 38 Degrees  Whitefish Winter Carnival Fun My Best Friend In The World  Three Generations Yes.. The Saw Runs & It Rotates 360 Degrees Around My Body 
Jim & Doug Rafting  Bruce (a.k.a. Yeti Man)  My Beautiful Girl Brad-Grandma-Me  Chainsaw Man 2004 
Have You Seen This Man's Teeth Anywhere?  Grandpa-C Catfishing  Teaching Younger Generations
Dee & Grandpa 2003   Missouri River Sunset Loving Children 2003   Jerry and Kaleb Summer Camp Fun  
They Flock To Him!   Meagans 10 Year Old Easter Egg  I Love My Truck  Nice Form!  GQ With A Paddlefish On
Brad Feeding Deer  Meg's 1999 Easter  Egg Old Blue (255K Miles)  Chiropractic Fishing  The King Fisher 
      Taking Time For Lunch  Every Boy Loves Fishing 
Coming Soon   Coming Soon  Coming Soon Hunting Buddies Kristian The Fisherman

A Stray Bullet

Whatever you do.... DON'T click on this penny ! BAD PENNY

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